Are you afraid of fire

Are you scared to fly

Is your life one you admire

What’s the next thing you plan buy


Are you content with your life

Do you feel guilty for wanting more

Do you still love your friends

Are your passions the same as before


Have you given up

Or are you giving in

Is it okay to settle

Do you still forget your dreams


Are you sometimes overwhelmed with hope

Then miles deep in despair

Have you discovered new parts of yourself

and do they notice or even care


Running across a lush field

Do you still feel young

So swift your feet dont bleed

Singing like the world is your song


Do you sometimes feel trapped in this smog

Like every turn has done you wrong

Do you still try to eat the frog

Does your 25 year old mask feel terribly worn


Are you afraid of fire

Do you sometimes wonder how you’d die

Are you scared of your desires

Do you sometimes sing songs and cry