I looked at her and saw a little too much


The sadness that lurked so close to the surface

The dark green eyeliner and the softness of her face

Her fluid layered flower dress

And the short shorts that showed off her legs


I studied her unique permutation of freckles

And the cuteness of her set of teeth

I wanted to save here but I didn’t know how

Not really sure she needed saving but still I tried


I told her of the ennui that flooded my days

Hoping the weight of my sorrow will make hers feel light

I offered her a string of cliché advice

There’s more fish in the sea I said, but she was looking for corals


A friend cracked a joke

And we both laughed

Sharing a moment that probably existed only in my mind


I look at her like a mirror

Hoping to see bits of myself

Wondering what she thinks about during bouts of insomnia

Who she’d call first to share ecstatic news

What she’d consider a perfect gift

And what I looked like through the windows of her temple


A kind of apprehension griped me

As I delved into this self-defined depth

And I started to back away from her world

Drifting back into the world of whisky, coke and cranberry liqueur

A world of jokes laden with innuendos

Of goodbyes, brothers and a couple holding hands


I looked at her saw a little too much

I looked away feeling a little too much