our train was delayed

and I must admit my disappointment

as I was quite eager to head back home to Tianjin

head home and chill for a minute

my colleagues were on their phones

sorting out details about Taiwan

she sat right opposite me

the art on her shirt wasn’t particularly striking

but it did draw your attentions

it featured a headshot of a fka-twigs-esque girl

looking upwards with an expression I can’t put to words

she had an arrow 70% through her skull

she, the girl wearing the white t-shirt

sat there silently

staring at her phone in concentration

her jet black hair parted almost in the middle

wearing a black skirt and black boots

holding on to a faded pink suitcase

with a bulging black bag on her lap

she was really pretty

she had no makeup on

her features were understated

an interestingly shaped nose

neither flat nor high

she had a sort of poker face on

as I sat there writing about her

she stood up to leave

I think she was trying to get on Train G302 to 北京